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The merits of e-commerce are evident: lower costs, quicker reach and vaster response. With the increasing volume of business conducted through Internet, your Web-site will become the working link to virtual markets and allow you to reach customers beyond your geographical position and time zone. The Internet has changed the way people view business and revolutionized commerce in the new millenium. To realistically act the global trade and business world, companies must localize their sites. Industry analysts have found out that web users are three times more likely to make a purchase from Web-sites that have a version in their mother tongue.

The importance of creating multilingual sites is increasing daily. Our clients can not afford being left behind. That is why St. Petersburg Technical Translations has become your highly effective provider of localization services, we are perfectly equipped to develop and implement your Web-site.

Localizing your site is a considerable task that should be carried out by experienced professionals who understand the complexity of your business and are specialists in the culture and environments of the country you are targeting.

If your Web-site has already been created, St. Petersburg Technical Translations can provide unique localization solutions, focusing on our clients' demand for speed, value and quality. We provide multilingual localization, content editing and linguistic consultation.

St. Petersburg Technical Translations can localize your site for almost any given country in the world. We have state-of-the-art resources, effective infrastructure, high-technological devices and the experience to localize your Web-site so that a worldwide audience can understand your message and become aware of the services and products your company offers.

 - Do not limit your presence in the Worldwide Net to English-speaking countries. Reach out and communicate with the whole world!


Globalization has marked the shift from mass production to mass customization - a company's ability to offer products and services to the needs and desires of individual customers and countries. Today, more and more companies are aiming at entering the foreign markets. The success of these efforts depends upon the company's ability to communicate effectively in foreign languages. If you want to promote your product globally, it is imperative to build a serious strategy that will provide you with a stable platform in today's new omnipresent business world. St. Petersburg Technical Translations side by side with our professional staff is eager to help you to globalize your company in all spheres of e-Business.


What do we call "Internationalization"? This term stands for the process of developing and designing products that suit the local languages, needs and cultural preferences of international customers. St. Petersburg Technical Translations offers the proven solutions to help our clients succeed in gaining a foothold in international market. A properly "internationalized" product mirrors all the current international tendencies and is sensitive to local cultural conventions, as well as time, date, currency and number formats. A proper view on internationalization goes a long way in developing a timely, cost-effective localization.