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St. Petersburg Technical Translations was founded in 1987 by a team of professionals, some of them being former nuclear physicists, who had worked for the Soviet Defence Industry.

Today St. Petersburg Technical Translations is one of the largest interpreting agencies in Russia. We have more than 250 freelance translators working in 10 cities across Russia, the former Soviet republics and some European countries. St. Petersburg Technical Translations is a large collaboration of full-service translation, localization and DTP professionals. We have specialists in every area to match your unique needs.

Our task is to help our clients spread their products and services in world markets faster and at a lower cost.

Whether you are launching software products, localizing your Web-site, translating documentation or looking to market your company by means of the latest e-commerce technologies, St. Petersburg Technical Translations is always here to help you reach your customers in the international market.

We continually develop new technologies and platform independent systems, which enable us to be highly effective and extremely fluent.