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Translation has become an extremely important issue in international business. Moreover, as trade becomes more ubiquitous, the amount of business and technical documentation to translate is constantly growing.

Our company has developed the leading-edge systems and technology needed to meet our clients' needs. St. Petersburg Technical Translations annually invests big sums into technical progress at all levels. This commitment is critical to providing our clients with solutions that get them into more markets at lower costs.

St. Petersburg Technical Translations has several FTP servers continually employed in the USA and Europe, so that all information is safe and constantly available.

Our marketing department tells us what our clients want before they are able to learn it themselves, and in an iota we are ready to satisfy the new demands of the market.

St. Petersburg Technical Translations has worked out a complicated but effective scheme of workflow connecting our employees and freelancers with the main office.

Nowadays the time-to-market has dropped to months, or even days and hours. Under these conditions, a delay due to the inefficient translation process is a crucial disgrace.

To deliver consistent results for our clients, we have gathered a dynamic team of professionals that really understands the requirements for building profitable business overseas. Our expert team includes translators, interpreters, editors, correctors and desktop publishers; cross-cultural trainers and language instructors; software engineers and project managers, plus corporate partners and their employees are also at hand.

To aid in managing and carrying out our project, St. Petersburg Technical Translations has worked out a special new technology of work process and quality control. We refer to this technology as P-ACT, which stands for Project - Automation Control Technology. This tool enables us to rapidly process and distribute projects among our translators, editors and DTP professionals and to control all procedures flawlessly.

On receiving materials for translation, our CENTRAL OFFICE Project Managers distribute it among Pre-translators, whose job is to determine the subject of the project and to put the material through our unique computer program, created in tandem by our translators and engineers. This program sorts out all specific terminology that can be found in the text and then is available to give the correct translation of these terms into your target language.

Our Project Managers send these data via St. Petersburg Technical Translations Local Computer Net, which also enables Project Managers to control the whole process of work while it is pending.

When the materials have been translated, they are sent to Correctors, who check the translation and crosscheck all the specific terminology.

The Editors, who are experienced professionals in both the language and subject of translation, proofread all the texts and direct them to the Desktop Publishers.

Desktop Publishing is one of the spheres in our company that we are extremely proud of. St. Petersburg Technical Translations can format your text whichever way you choose.

CAT tools we employ:

Trados SDLX Catalyst
Idiom Passolo Logoport

Programming Languages and Software we employ:

Visual Basic J++ WinHelp
VBA Visual FoxPro Doc to Help
C++ VBScript HTML
Visual C++ Delphi JAVA

DTP packages we use:

MS Word Adobe FrameMaker Corel DRAW!
MS Excel Adobe PageMaker QuarkXpress
MS PowerPoint Adobe Illustrator Interleaf
MS Access Adobe Photoshop Ventura
MS Publisher Adobe Premiere
MS FrontPage Adobe Acrobat Distiller