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The most effective way of getting new clients from diverse parts of the world is through multilingual communication. However, it is not enough to have your Marketing Materials, Multimedia Presentations and User Instructions translated. St. Petersburg Technical Translations will help you to adapt, or localize, your materials to the standards of the country you wish to target. Localization involves such issues as slogans, slang, various cultural views and distinct traditions. We will convert all units of measure meant to the units appropriate in your target country.

St. Petersburg Technical Translations' team of professional translators, editors, desktop publishers and project managers will do their best to present your company in the most favourable manner on the global market.

Our desire to help companies successfully compete in the international market enables us to employ only the most talented and experienced translators and other professionals. This staff includes over 250 professionals who are native-speakers of various languages, all carefully tested for language and subject knowledge.

In addition, St. Petersburg Technical Translations has subject-specific editors who are experts in checking the accuracy and cultural authenticity of the translated text.

With our vast network of international translators and terminology databases and translation memory tools St. Petersburg Technical Translations is able to produce efficient and cost-effective translations.

Since our establishment St. Petersburg Technical Translations has developed a strong infrastructure, that helps us to quickly and carefully process the materials and properly choose the right professionals who are extremely qualified for their unique positions. Below are the enumerated departments of the company:

  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS. This department translates all relevant literature from manuals for mobile telephones to operational, service and maintenance manuals containing many thousands of pages. We have serviced world renowned companies such as NEC, NOKIA, ITALTEL, SIEMENS, ERICSSON, LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES and many others.
  • TECHNOLOGY FOR NEW PROJECTS. St. Petersburg Technical Translations translated complete sets of documents for equipment to be installed for corporations: the Olivetti plant manufacturing chips; Pepsi Cola, OTIS Elevators, Rothmans factories; an aluminium complex in Greece; and a sugar-producing plant in the Ukraine etc.
  • MEDICINE, BIOTECHNOLOGIES, MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. This department has been providing translations for Novo Nordisk A/S, Acuson, United States Surgical Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, FATOL Arzneimittel GmbH, Covance Laboratories Ltd and DePuy.
  • MACHINE BUILDING. This department rendered translations for MAN B & W, VALMET, DANFOSS, ABB Motors, SCHLUMBERGER, CHARMILLE TECHNOLOGIES etc.
  • SOFTWARE LOCALIZATION This department has been designed to fulfil localization requirements for IBM, Hewlett Packard, Creative Labs, Lexmark, US Robotics and others.
  • WEB-SITE LOCALIZATION This department serves the needs of many of our clients, who want their Web-sites to be multilingual.
  • AUTOMATION Client list: HONEYWELL, Ahlstrom, ABB Electroscandia
  • OIL REFINING Client list: British Petroleum, HALLIBURTON, NESTE.